the 2019 Winter Film Fest the theme for this season Women's struggle for their artistic recognition 

"Packed In A Trunk" 

"Surviving Picasso" 

"YaYoi ~ Infinity" 

"Coco Before Chanel"

Shown at Marco Movies

599 South Collier Blvd

Marco Island, FL

Tickets are $20 for all 4 shows

For Tickets Call:

Lindy Kowalczyk


Clara Alber


Claire Keery


Films for the 2019 season:

Inspired by the "Me Too" movement.

The films portrays the journey of four women to be heard as both artists and as an independent people.

"Packed In A Trunk"       Wednesday, January 9 , 2018 10:am

Uncovers the story of artist Edith Lake Wilkinson, committed to an asylum in 1924 and never heard from again.  We follow the journey of Edith’s great-niece as she pieces together the mystery of Edith’s life and returns her work to Provincetown.

"Surviving Picasso"  Wednesday, January 23, 2019   10am

The passionate Merchant Ivory drama tells the story of Francoise Gilot, the only lover of Pablo Picasso, who was strong enough to withstand his ferocious cruelty, and move on with her life.

"YaYoi ~ Infinity"  Wednesday, February 6, 2019    10am

Yayoi Kusama is the top-selling female artist in the world, best known for her colorful polka dot- and pumpkin-themed designs and her massively popular mirrored Infinity Rooms. Her work has pushed boundaries that often alienated her from her peers and those in power in the art world.

"Coco Before Chanel"   Wednesday, February 20, 2019    10am

The life of Coco Chanel before her fame as a fashion designer is presented. Born with the name Gabrielle (Coco a nickname given to her from her singing the song, "Qui qu'a vu Coco dans l'Trocadéro?")

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