On March 17, 2003 the first meeting of a diversified group of individuals who were interested in enhancing the cultural life of our community took place. Representatives from the arts, civic groups, businesses and city government formed what became the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts (MIFA) steering committee. MIFA counts this first meeting as its birthday.

MIFA became incorporated on June 9, 2003 and received it's 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit status on October 7th, 2003. On October 6th, 2004 MIFA's 1st by-laws were adopted. The first officers were elected at the first annual meeting January 11, 2005.

MIFA continues to strive to bring literary, visual and performing arts to the Marco Island community through a variety of events. As an all volunteer non-profit organization, the Foundation needs volunteers in order to continue its programs for our community. We try to reach out and work together with other organizations to create and present events that will highlight different types of art.

Please consider serving on our board which directs all activities which our organization provides to Marco Island. You can make a big contribution to the arts through serving as a board member of MIFA. Call 239-389-0280 for more information on how you can get involved.